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About Me

Howdy! I’m glad you found your way to my website. I’m Erika Edwards and I am an architectural photographer. I’m based in Austin, but I serve many clients in DFW and Houston. Born and raised in Dallas, I’m a graduate from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Photography. As soon as I graduated I began working with architects, designers, and contractors to create excellent photographs. I strive to create images that truly tell the story of the architecture and bring life to the building.

I work closely with my clients to understand exactly how they envision the images of their work. What views and details are important? How will the images be used? I accommodate each client’s need to create an experience where everyone receives just what they’re looking for. This approach has led me to have an excellent understanding of the marketing processes involved in the field of architecture.

My personal art is extremely important to me. It informs and refines my commercial photography. The world around me is my inspiration, and I like to look for doors, people, landscapes, and the little moments in life to photograph and paint.

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